When a movie ends up in public domain, anyone can bring it out on DVD. Some of the companies don’t bother too much about their covers.

These dvd covers for Barbara Stanwyck’s LADY OF BURLESQUE show little concern for accuracy.


The photo is Barbara but definitely not from Lady of Burlesque.



The only  problem with this picture of Barbara is that it is from BALL OF FIRE!



Barbara in BALL OF FIRE.



Lady Of Burlesque.



The photo in the background is accurate. The one in the foreground isn’t from Lady of Burlesque. Anyone recall what film Barbara wore that dress in ?




This foreign DVD cover is just plain odd! Makes it look more like a horror film. Translation is THE CHOKE.



Why bother having the star on the cover. Three pretty girls will do.



Oh, MICHAEL O’SHEA is the star . And the Ball of Fire gown again.



*          *          *            *           *          *            *            *


It’s a strange coincidence that a sculpture of ANN SHERIDAN featured in two of Ann’s films.



This one is from THE UNFAITHFUL and is an important part of the plot. If they ever get round to a Hollywood museum, this would look great in it!




John Qualen, Ann Sheridan.

This one is from WOMAN ON THE RUN. I like how the director has framed Ann so that her profile is in line with the sculpture.

But does it look like Ann, I don’t think so.


*          *          *             *            *             *            *


Who would be in your top classic Hollywood villains? ( either in many roles, or just that one ,unforgettable role.)

Two who springs to mind  are JACK PALANCE in SHANE and LYLE BETTGER in anything.


Jack Palance

Palance, as Wilson, never hurries. He knows he is going to kill little Torrey (Elisha Cook Jr.)


Lyle Bettger

Lyle Bettger

Lyle perfected the cold hearted bad guy, usually  smooth and smiling.


Robert Mitchum

Robert Mitchum

Generally the hero, but ROBERT MITCHUM was Oscar worthy in NIGHT OF THE HUNTER.


Stephen McNally

Stephen McNally

You don’t mess with STEPHEN MCNALLY when he’s in full gangster mode.


Steve Brodie, Stephen McNally

Steve Brodie, Robert Ryan. CROSSFIRE.

Mr.Ryan , another very intense bad guy, who could equally be the hero.










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